Bookkeeping and BAS

Are you a small business owner who is:

  • Struggling to meet the GST and BAS deadlines?
  • Unsure if your bookkeeping records would withstand a Tax Office Audit?
  • Concerned as to why your business is cash-strapped even though profits are good?

Let us solve your bookkeeping problems so you can:

Greenticksmall Save on late fees and penalites because your BAS/IAS will be accurate and lodged on time.  

GreenticksmallSave on accounting fees because your accountant will receive figures that do not require any reworking and can easliy be slotted into a tax return.

GreenticksmallSpend more time generating revenue and less doing the books.

GreenticksmallMake informed business decisions based on accurate and up to date financial information.

Would you like an extra few weeks to lodge and pay your quarterly BAS?

As registered BAS Agents we are able to obtain a four week extension for most quarterly BAS lodgements.

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Contact us today

0408 070 184

Quarterly BAS Dates

Qtr Due Date Extended Due Date using Bookkeeping and BAS
Sep-17 28/10/17 25/11/17
Dec-17 28/02/18
Mar-18 28/04/18 26/05/18
Jun-18 28/07/18 25/08/18

Latest from the ATO

"About to lodge your BAS?

Small business benchmarks for more than 100 different industries are now available.

By comparing your business to the benchmarks, you can assess your tax risks and business performance against others in your industry.

Benchmarks are one way the ATO identifies businesses that may be avoiding tax on cash transactions – making it fairer for everyone.

Compare your business to the benchmarks before you lodge."